Following a work-placed assessment for succession management it was recommended that I undertake additional formal education related to my role in work. Having not undertaken any formal studies for ten years I was a most reluctant participant when I commenced the course but any fears I had were allayed on day one when we were guided through the content of the programme which held immediate appeal in its evidenced practical application.  Furthermore the format of the programme acknowledged that many of us had full time jobs and families which we would have to juggle with the demands of the course and the combined learning approach provided great flexibility around time-management

Very quickly into the course work the practical nature of the subject matter became apparent and within weeks it was possible to highlight and implement small continuous improvement projects and to pass on the knowledge and skills to other areas for implementation and this guided the subject matter of my final assignment, the in-company project, to introduce 5S in a busy occupational therapy stores with tangible outcomes of €30k financial savings annually, enhanced access to equipment for clients and a safer more pleasant work environment for clinicians.

The modules themselves were well constructed with each one building on the previous to give a very complete skill set.

Key to winning the hearts and minds back in the workplace was the success of the project which formed the basis for my in-company assignment and the support received from the UL staff throughout this process was invaluable right up till submission day!

I was recently successful at interview for a new post and have no doubt that at least one interviewer was influenced by my Lean skills and what these could potentially bring to my new role.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the course and in fact I did write to the Regional Director of HR and the National Manager for Succession Management in the HSE to advise them of the benefits of the course after the first semester.

Finally, I would like to pay tribute to the staff of the University of Limerick who not only assisted and guided but who generously shared their wisdom and expertise.