The Higher Education Lifelong Learning in Ireland Network (HELLIN) is an all island body that advocates for the interests of the adult and mature student populations in universities and institutes of technology across the island North and South.

Its aim is to inform policy relating to all aspects of adult education and lifelong learning whether these be Workplace or Work-based Learning, Continuing Professional Development, Recognition of Prior Learning, Adult and Community Education and older learners.

We seek to establish Lifelong Learning and Lifespan Learning as the norm and to communicate with policy makers and the general public the idea that returning to education at different life stages for either personal or career development has benefits to both the individual and wider society that go beyond the mere acquisition of awards and qualifications but that continued study is reward in and of itself.


The aim of HELLIN is to promote and advance Lifelong Learning and Continuing and Professional Education for adults within Universities, Institutes of Technology and other relevant bodies throughout the island of Ireland.


The objectives of HELLIN are to:

  • Advocate for adult learners in higher education.
  • Promote best practice in teaching and learning.
  • Collaborate on research and innovation.
  • Exchange and disseminate information and best practices.
  • Promote quality in all aspects of provision.
  • Liaise with other bodies on issues of common concern.
  • Inform and advise policy makers of best practice.
  • Promote the International Dimension for Lifelong Learning.
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